Website recovery after hacking

Every site owner may face such a nuisance as hacking. It can happen regardless of how many users visit it, how popular it is and what information it contains. For hackers, any site is of potential interest. If you do not pay special attention to the information security of your resource, then it is at huge risk.

Hacking the site is a malfunction in the normal operation of the Internet resource, which occurs due to the introduction of changes in the database or in the code files by third parties. Even after a single invasion, an attacker gains access to all other sites in the hosting account, regardless of the passwords on the hosting. Therefore, if you encounter your site hacking or hidden attacks on it, you need urgently take measures to eliminate the problem. Our web studio can offer the services of the prompt website recovery after hacking.

Many people, who faced such situation usually wonder how their website can be recovered. To effectively bypass the hacker attack and not only recover the site, but also to protect it from re-invasion, you need to contact a specialist. The programmer will hold a comprehensive checkup, which will include a backup of the site and search for injected code, which in 95% of cases is introduced by a hacker. Only after elimination of the threat you can start changing all passwords and FTP access to CMS files, to the hosting control panel, and to databases. The password should be complex and ingenious. Also, it is recommended not to save passwords in the list of passwords open for reading either on the server or on your computer. Use secure services or programs to store all your passwords.

The main works aimed at recovering the website are the following:

  • prompt recovery of optimal performance of the resource;
  • detection and elimination of vulnerabilities, due to which the web resource was hacked;
  • installation of the necessary protection on the site.

Our web studio can help you with recovering of the joomla website or rebuilding it on a CMS while preserving the content depending on the actual state of your site. We can also help with recovery of the bitrix site, and recovering of the WordPress site, which are especially under threat of hacking without proper protection. We guarantee operational assistance so that you suffer minimal financial damage, and that hacked site does not harm the image of your company.

A hacked site can be recovered from a backup that was created earlier. But if the backup is missing and you have no idea how to recover website copy, our web studio’s specialists will be able to find the right solution to this complex and time-consuming process. We can also help you with recovering of the dated websites, if such a need arises.


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