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A lot number of existing websites do not cope with the tasks set for them, they do not work in full power, and for these reasons, the efficiency and performance of the Internet resource are in a whole damage. And one of the reasons is lack of plug-ins, modules and other important components that increase the functionality of the website. Therefore, the development of web applications will allow the Internet project to improve its functional, cozy of using, to get additional functionality and solve a huge range of tasks.

Our web studio offers services on development web applications, plugins and modules for all well-known CMS. Module for a website – it’s some kind of a form which allows to enter a certain data into recourse and also to share this data with visitors of website. Development of modules allow to gain higher level of functionality if your Internet resource, for example – module “feedback” allows visitors to communicate with you on a website and the module “question-answer” will allow to communicate with visitors even more extensively and everyone can ask a question and find an answer. In additional we offer development of individual or unique modules, which let to decide special task exactly of your website.One more very important component for improving website functionality is plugins – it’s a small software blocks which implement into main application and extend the functionality of a website. Development of plugins for your website let to make individual configurations, reduce the size, speed up the work and improve necessarily programs for your tasks. We are ready to create plugins and modules from general ones to unique, which will solve all the tasks you need. Our specialists are focused on developing non-standard applications, namely, calculators, designers on interactive graphics, for example, “pick up the color”, etc. In addition, our services include the development of components, which are necessary for receiving an efficient, high-performance Internet resource.

It is also important that the website works faster than others and has better promotion in Google, that’s why in our studio it is possible to develop css websites that allow you to make the code smaller without losing the appearence of the website. And the development of the html css website is an opportunity to get a fast Internet resource with potentially better promotion in Google. Among our web studio services also development of the software of the website.  We provide services for creating websites on ready-made CMS, as well as on unique systems that are developed for specific customer requirements


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