Rework of website functional

The task of each online resource is a long, effective, uninterrupted work. It’s impossible without proper maintenance and modernization, because everything is getting old, wears out, and the website is not the exception. Over the time, the goals and objectives of the website owner may change, new ideas to change the design, new opportunities to improve the functionality of the resource may appear. Therefore, there comes a moment when you need to refine websites. Our web studio provides services for refine and rework the functionality of the website on all widely known CMS.

Actually the rework of website functionality is a set of works, which let to improve the websites as its appearance but also for modernization of its functional. And exactly the refine of website is writing special unique apps, such as modules, plugins and other components, for example, modification for OCMOD in OpenCard. After all, you need to understand that adding the server code to the templates, that is, simply editing the code of the files in the standard engine is not a professional approach, but a frank hack, a hack that will get erased when the website engine is going to update. And without updating the engine, the website will very quickly become demode and practically unsuitable for efficient work + updates improve website security.

Therefore, if you want the website to stand out among the competitive Internet resources, occupy top positions and be easy to use, then you need to take care of its continuous development. It is not enough to create a website, you need to use relevant and high-quality content, pay attention to its design and functionality, and improve it all the time. After all, the rework of the websites gives you the opportunity to make your resource modern, interesting for users and efficient in achieving the desired results.

Requirements for Internet resource are changing very fast with development, business growth or with changing the type of your business activity. In such moments the existing functional of website stop to be convenient for solving the set of tasks, or even completely stop to be relevant, and the most optimal solution is to upgrade the website and refine it. Our web studio offer  rework of website functional on widely known CMS, including we make rework website on Bitrix and OpenCard, which are very popular nowadays.

Also in the range of our capabilities the following services:

  • completion of the website on wordpress;
  • finalization of the website on bitrix;
  • completion of the website on opencart;
  • completion of the website on joomla;
  • website development at prestashop;
  • completion of Internet portals and other services.

We will carry out work to improve your resource, correct errors made by previous developers, upgrade existing programs, modules and plugins, eliminate all obvious problems, implement additional security.

If you are interested in your website being optimized, well organized and working for the benefit of your business, then do not hesitate such a procedure as website upgrade. And we guarantee prompt solution of all the tasks.


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