Reimposing and redesign of website

Development of a good website is a rather complicated and time-consuming process, which consists of a couple of steps. And one of the most crucial and important stages is website layout. The website layout implies the setup of working web pages of an Internet resource based on a specific design layout. This is the formation of page coding with the help of a specially designed markup language and their further design using style sheets that should be understood by all modern browsers. Sometimes there are such cases when the change of an Internet resource layout is required.

Website layout reimposing is a procedure in which the old layout is replaced with a new one.

It may be required in such cases:

  • If special content (columns, pictures, lists, etc.) of the website is incorrectly reproduced;
  • If it’s necessary to add new modules to the site;
  • If it’s necessary that resource pages fit the size of the screen of any device;
  • if the Internet resource was initially tested only on one browser, while on others it was displayed incorrectly and showed errors.
  • If your website is outdated, and its architecture does not correspond to modern fashion trends.

Believe us, it is crucially important to comply with the modern style of website, otherwise your clients trust will inevitably go down.

The design of the website is also a very important matter. With time, your industry is developing rather dynamic, thus the moment comes when the previously developed design has become outdated and loses its relevance. A website redesign implies a modernization of your Internet resource appearance for such a design that will be more in demand by the target audience.

Therefore, if you are faced with these sort of problems, our web studio has a solution for you, since we have a significant experience in the reimposing and redesign of websites. Also, if you already have a ready-made design and you just want to have a good and working web resource, you can order with us a website layout. Our web studio has been successfully engaged in quality layout services for several years already, that’s why we can help you to set up a solid foundation for your website.

The range of our services also includes such service as a landing page layout. You can design a landing page in two ways, i.e. based on a template or manually. High-quality manual layout of the landing page allows the resource to work more efficiently and reliably, since everything is developed precisely as per the requirements and the work is divided into two stages. On the first stage, a layout of the future landing page is created in psd, and on the second, the layout from psd is done, that is, the process of converting the layout of psd into html and css codes.

Another popular service that our web studio can offer is the bitrix layout, which is the high-quality development of code pages. A well-made layout should have cross-browser compatibility, clear and compact code, validity, content readability, etc. We can also offer making such layouts as:

  • Layout html5
  • css3
  • jquery

Our web studio guarantees compliance with all your requirements so that the layout of the website page meet all your wishes.


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