Refinement of custom-made website

To develop a custom-made website or to order a turnkey website is important question and decision to take for every modern business. After all, nowadays, all the main processes for the management and promotion of any type of activity take place in the Internet. Thus, a well-designed website and a timely revision of its functionality are one of the main components of business success in the modern world. Our web studio can offer the development of a custom-made website specifically under your requirements, adding individually written components to it.

A custom-made website is a site that was developed on a custom-made platform, so such a site is faster than those created on free CMS due to the lack of additional modules that create an extra load on the server. Besides, such sort of a website has a higher degree of security. The custom-made engine of the website allows you to develop complex, non-standard projects in which you need to write everything from scratch, starting from the site architecture and up to the elaboration of the administrative panel interface.

Our web studio can offer refining of the functionality of custom-made websites and Internet resources that have been developed on frameworks or on pure PHP. We can help you with modernization and improvement of your website functionality, as well as we can cope with any type of the custom-made engine. Our team of professional programmers guarantees an individual approach to each customer and a clear understanding of the code, as well as the ability to have clue about it, including also someone else's.

One of the important issue that we hope you understand well, is that to be expert in someone else’s code is not such and easy and fast process itself, thus it can take at least 3-5 days.

Refinement of a website developed on frameworks or on pure PHP, can be rather complicated if your previous developer made serious mistakes, or if your programmer does not have the necessary knowledge in this field. Not everyone, even very experienced programmer, will undertake the revision of even a well-done custom-made website, since this is a very long, complicated and time-consuming process, in which there are no known rules, no supporting documentation, and it will be required to independently study, analyze and subtract a lot of code so that the internal logic of such an engine can be determined in the end. Only after the manipulations with the code, it is possible to add something to it according to the rules already found for the structure of this engine. Our web studio guarantees an effective result in refining the functionality of such a site and expanding its capabilities to solve all the tasks you may have.

In our web studio, you can either order the development of an individual site or modify the functionality of already existing custom-made website. We can refine the site functionality with any custom-written engines, including those developed on frameworks or pure PHP. We can help you with refining and improvement of your website, and thereby bringing your business to a qualitatively new stage.


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