Polishing and Optimization

The extensive and bloated codes of the website pages hinder the work of search robots and do not allow them to receive information about the content of the Internet resource. And, of course, long codes slow down the loading of website pages in the browser. These problems can be solved by polishing the code. Our web studio provides services for polishing and optimizing the front-end code.

Code optimization is the process of editing the html code to reduce its size, eliminating validity errors, optimizing page loading speed and easing the process of analyzing the source code for search engine robots. When the code is optimized, the number of lines are significantly reduced, while maintaining the appearance, functionality and effects of the website due to competent layout and individual adjustment for a specific site.

If your content is created in text editors, then you need to clean the code. Cleaning html helps get rid of the "garbage" that automatically accumulates into the code. You can use online services for this, but to tell the truth, they are useless in this case, since none of the currently existing open services can provide the proper level of code cleaning. Professional cleaning conducted individually for your website, taking into account all the subtleties of operation will help to achieve significant results in saving system resources and improving service efficiency.

Over time, many WordPress site owners are faced with the problems of freezing, stuttering and malfunctioning of the Internet resource, and they start to think what can be done and how to improve its work.

Do you need a quality wordpress site optimization? The specialists of our studio can perform wordpress code optimization, which solves many problems of malfunctioning of your Internet resource. In particular, it will speed up the loading of your portal on mobile devices, desktop computers and laptops.

We provide services such as:
bitrix optimization
wordpress optimization
opencart optimization
joomla optimization
prestashop optimization

Website layout

When the design phase of the website has been completed, the next step is website set up, or let’s say the layout of the website. With the help of the layout, the design is transformed into a program code, or if to say in other words, not design, but rather, the layouts are being transformed into a program code that are developed in Adobe Photoshop. The process of website layout itself consists of setting up website HTML code and styling it using cascading style sheets.

Our web studio does an html site layout, which lie in developing an Internet resource structure based on the html hypertext markup language. We make block layout that is widely used throughout the world, as well as we introduce new flex layout techniques.

Adaptive layout allows you to flexibly adapt the website to the capabilities of different browsers and devices. This approach to website layout lies in the ability to change the design depending on the type of platform, screen size and orientation of each device. The mobile version of the layout will make the website convenient for mobile devices users. Our web studio can offer making the layout of the website from scratch. We guarantee a quality layout that will turn a creative and unique design into a functional and effective resource.


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