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An attractive and “clean” website means not only attractive surface but also a properly designed hidden part (the inside part of the website). Under “inside” part usually means the code of website in browser and not files on server. You can personally see the website code same it’s seen by a bot only by clicking two times. Even that side is not so visible for general users but it’s very important for searching systems. That’s not quality website causes many inconvenience which lead to decrease the ability of efficient seo-promotion.

Many unscrupulous web developers, because of their own laziness or absolute self-confidence, can neglect such an important rule as the validity and purity of the layout code, and once again do not check the project and deliver it to the customer. That in consequence leads to the fact that the website works strangely, slowly, loads for a long time, freezes and so on. And then you need to contact a competent specialist for help and fix the website code. Our web studio offers services to fix not- quality made websites. We will fix website code, because the criteria for the qualitative  layout of the website play an important role for the effective and uninterrupted operation of Internet resources. We will help to achieve the correct display of your site on stationary PCs, laptops, and on other mobile devices with different resolutions.  

Correction of the html code will allow your website and its pages to be correctly displayed and read by almost all web browsers. Clean and well-structured code is one of the most important components of the internal optimization of your resource. A well-made individual manual semantic layout will significantly speed up the loading of all pages and significantly improve text relevance, which naturally affects the quality of seo-promotion. In our web studio, we provide error correction services in HTML and JavaScript codes in any CMS. 

Also in our studio, we offer an improvement of the code of your website - it is a technical process based on reducing the amount of code that is given to robots and visitors to the resource. Therefore, if you faced  problems with high server load and bad  robots working on indexing a website, then the best way out will be to improve the code, make it easier and more understandable, and thereby increase the visibility of the website in search. We will also enhance the existing code.

Steps for correction or improving the website code are equally useful for a big website with a high percentage of traffic, such as large portals, and for small Internet resources, whether it is a business card website or a blog.


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