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The popularity and demand for Internet resources is constantly growing, thus everyone is trying to represent their activities or business to be online as well. Nowadays, almost every big brand, large company or any individual entrepreneur is represented on the Internet. In order to speak out loudly and profitably sell the products or to present the services online you need to have a good website that will open up a lot of new opportunities for promoting and popularizing your activities. Therefore, development of websites on turnkey basis is the most convenient way to get the full package end result, which is ready to be used immediately for your needs.

Our web studio can offer high-quality website development on common CMS as per the individual Technical Specifications without the use of ready-made themes, visual site builders and other things that only spoil the site code.

Website developed on CMS gives you a good opportunity to get a visually attractive resource with a stylish design, as well as a website with uninterrupted functionality.

The development of a website on CMS allows you to set up absolutely any Internet resource based on a CMS, which is a content control system. With the help of this block, you can completely change the structure of the entire website and the functionality of each of its individual components, fill the website with useful content and implement its professional administration. Besides, if it’s required, you can turn off website unnecessary elements and, conversely, configure and activate the necessary ones.

Website development on CMS is a fairly common and widely known practice, but the process itself is rather complicated and time consuming. Therefore, if you want to get a good website, then turnkey website development is the best solution for you when you need a working and properly configured website.

Our web studio guarantees the development of low-cost websites at fair price, which can meet all your expectations and fulfill all functional tasks. The range of our services includes:

  • a web site development;
  • an official website development;
  • a landing page development;
  • an online store development;
  • Internet portals development.

Our web studio will perform high-quality and professional development of your website on CMS, which will make your business even more successful and in high demand.

Do you plan to start your own business and have already decided on the direction / products / services that you going to provide? Then it's high time to take care of your own resource. Indeed, in the modern realities of doing business, it is necessary to present yourself profitably in the Internet network. And one of the best options for that are websites on CMS. Our web studio can offer development of custom-made websites of various types, which will help you to effectively develop your activities on the Internet and increase the level of profit thereby.

A website on WordPress is a perfect opportunity to quickly acquire an adaptive website with a simple administrative interface, which is created on one of the most popular, widely spread and comfortable CMS systems in the world. A website developed on WordPress is often blogging or corporate type of the site; besides, this platform can also be used for developing a small ecommerce project. Development a WordPress site allows you to quickly launch an Internet project. Besides, quite simple and understandable use of the resource, the availability of a large number of templates and plug-ins make it easier to modernize and improve the website. Therefore, if you are interested in a website on WordPress (or on Bitrix, OpenCard or Prestashop), our web studio can help you with that. We can guarantee the development of powerful, efficient and high-quality Internet resources with the help of free modern engines and platforms.

 Our web studio can also offer development of a website on Joomla. Joomla is a free, secure platform that has open source and is second in popularity after WordPress. Sites on Joomla are corporate and blogging resources, besides, such sites have an option of building product catalogs. Development of website on Joomla gives also opportunity to develop a functional resource of any size and purpose with a user-friendly interface and navigation. Also, with the help of paid and free templates, you can quickly and easily adapt the site to the needs of your audience. In addition, the resource created on this platform is SEO-friendly by default, which allows quickly carry out technical optimization using the necessary extensions.

Our web studio can offer high-quality development of websites as per individual TS on our own CMS and we can guarantee a result that will certainly distinguish you from competitors and take your project to the top.


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